20 Apr 2012

CreativeCapital - Scribing: not just pretty pictures

Scribing, or graphic facilitation, isn’t just the art of drawing pretty pictures – scribing can be magical.  It has the power to transform the way you work, think and interact.

Join us for an evening where conversation turns into illustration.  We’ll take you through the art of scribing looking at what it is, how it works and most importantly why it’s good for you.  Come meet the artists who bring ideas to life. Our guest speakers include Harriet Harriss and Rachel Abrams who will be joingn us live from New York! 

This event will take place @ The Hospital Club on Tuesday 24 April from 7.30pm onwards. See you there. Don't forget to RSVP here!
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Harriet Harriss

Harriet Harriss is an architect and senior lecturer in architecture who has been practicing as a live illustrator or graphic facilitator for almost a decade. A pathological doodler, Harriet has always relied on drawing as a tool for both psycho-geographic, mapping problem-solving in all areas of her teaching, research and practice.  Her ability as a strategic listener has enabled her to facilitate the capture and analysis of complex thinking for global agencies as diverse as Pfizer, Barclays Bank, Fujitsu, HMRC and the Design Council.

Rachel Abrams
Based in New York City, Rachel heads up Turnstone Consulting, a collaborative, strategic design practice.  For six years, Turnstone has been writing to illustrate and drawing to explain, helping commercial companies and public organizations say and see what they mean.  In the 1990s, Rachel studied Social & Political Science at Cambridge University and on graduation, went on to be a current affairs researcher for the BBC, The Economist and in the UK Parliament. Once she discovered the Web, she saw the light and went to design school to learn to tell tales about the near future more effectively and more beautifully. London-born and raised, Rachel moved to New York in 2000 where she first joined IBM’s User Experience Strategy team, working on ibm.com, before becoming the interactive content strategist for the New York office of Imagination, one of the UK’s leading, independent interdisciplinary branding consultancies.