24 Sep 2010

VC's and Entrepreneurial Funding

Battered and bruised by the recession, The UK needs to embrace risk in order to start growing again, starting not with government, but with young, new investors.

In the heart of London’s private members’ clubs, young professionals meet and talk about business, many have already reached the top of their game but few understand the basics of investing and venture capital. Risky Business is designed to energise and persuade private ...members’ communities to take adventurous investing seriously and consider using ‘venturing’ as an approach within their investment portfolio.

The aim of the event is to get young investors to understand the challenges their finances face in the future. Sticking their collective heads in the sand and ignoring risk through the equity markets is a strategy doomed to failure, potentially pushing the victims into decades of poverty once they retire.

Younger investors need to understand risk and adventurous strategies in the context of the bigger picture. Risky Business will highlight the importance of a small part of your portfolio being used to encourage entrepreneurial growth. Investing is about taking considered risks to produce a greater return.

David Stevenson, the Adventurous Investor at the FT will host the event alongside Stephen Barber, former head of research at stockbrokers Selftrade. Both David and Stephen work together on the innovative online investment TV programme 4WiseMonkeys as well as the soon to be launched Portfolio Review, a specialist monthly research service for smarter investors who are managing their own portfolios.

This event will take place @ The Hospital Club Tuesday, October 19th 2010, from 7.30pm onwards. See you there.

1 Sep 2010

Design and Performance

Design is becoming more permeable to cross boundaries.
Designers aim to reach creative disciplines through thrilling experiences, passionate performances or time based installations that give birth to unique products.

Come and meet this new generation of designers, Laurie Anderson's legacy, with a line-up including Nelly Ben Hayou and Studio Glithero.

This event will take place @ The Hospital Club Thursday, September 23rd 2010, from 7.30pm onwards. See you there.