16 Jul 2011

Speakers for CC Gamification

We're very excited to announce the first speaker for Gamification: Paul Bennun.

Paul Bennun is a Director of Somethin’ Else, a leading cross-platform / digital production company in the UK. Paul leads the Company’s digital output and future product / business strategy.
He holds internationally recognised awards in games, radio, mobile technology and interactive broadcasting such as Bafta Awards, Sony Radio Academy Awards and the GSM Association Awards.

CreativeCapital Gamification

Gamification has been transforming our daily life. Yet, we seldom acknowledge it consciously, for it has become ubiquitously embedded in our televisions, computers, smart phones and other electronic devices.
Quite simply, Gamification is the use of game play dynamics for non-game applications. The possibilities are endless, from encouraging desired behaviours to perform tasks ordinarily considered dull.

Join us for an evening where conversation becomes a game. Explore the multi-layered ideas of Gamification and meet the people putting these concepts into practice.

This event will be held @ Hospital Club, Thursday 28 July, from 7.30pm onwards. Don't forget to RSVP here.
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