20 Apr 2012

CreativeCapital - Scribing: not just pretty pictures

Scribing, or graphic facilitation, isn’t just the art of drawing pretty pictures – scribing can be magical.  It has the power to transform the way you work, think and interact.

Join us for an evening where conversation turns into illustration.  We’ll take you through the art of scribing looking at what it is, how it works and most importantly why it’s good for you.  Come meet the artists who bring ideas to life. Our guest speakers include Harriet Harriss and Rachel Abrams who will be joingn us live from New York! 

This event will take place @ The Hospital Club on Tuesday 24 April from 7.30pm onwards. See you there. Don't forget to RSVP here!
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Harriet Harriss

Harriet Harriss is an architect and senior lecturer in architecture who has been practicing as a live illustrator or graphic facilitator for almost a decade. A pathological doodler, Harriet has always relied on drawing as a tool for both psycho-geographic, mapping problem-solving in all areas of her teaching, research and practice.  Her ability as a strategic listener has enabled her to facilitate the capture and analysis of complex thinking for global agencies as diverse as Pfizer, Barclays Bank, Fujitsu, HMRC and the Design Council.

Rachel Abrams
Based in New York City, Rachel heads up Turnstone Consulting, a collaborative, strategic design practice.  For six years, Turnstone has been writing to illustrate and drawing to explain, helping commercial companies and public organizations say and see what they mean.  In the 1990s, Rachel studied Social & Political Science at Cambridge University and on graduation, went on to be a current affairs researcher for the BBC, The Economist and in the UK Parliament. Once she discovered the Web, she saw the light and went to design school to learn to tell tales about the near future more effectively and more beautifully. London-born and raised, Rachel moved to New York in 2000 where she first joined IBM’s User Experience Strategy team, working on ibm.com, before becoming the interactive content strategist for the New York office of Imagination, one of the UK’s leading, independent interdisciplinary branding consultancies. 

4 Feb 2012

CreativeCapital - The Olympics and the Impact on London

The world’s greatest global event is about to arrive in London, Europe’s financial capital and a nexus for creative, transnational economic, trade, business and entrepreneurial activity.

The Olympics are promoted as theportent of long-term change. Communities are set for gentrification and the city’s unique spirit of innovation and creative energy will foster dynamic initiatives and campaigns that aim to transform EastEnd into one of the world's leading technology centres.

Join us for the next Creative Capital to hear from Olympic experts, and the Tech City Planners about what the Lea Valley Games have in store for London.

This event will be held @ Hospital Club, Tuesday 28th February from 7.00pm onwards. RSVP here!
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16 Jan 2012

Venture Capital, Entrepreneurs and the Current Climate – Who is being successful and why

CreativeCapital is back for yet another year to bring together the best and brightest in their fields to discuss the hot topics of the day.
2011 has left the corporate world still struggling financially as the current climate is posing significant challenges for investments in all industries and especially the creation, survival and growth of SMEs.
Is there a vital need for innovative solutions? Is there a role for VCs and non-traditional sources of funding? Who is being successful and why?
Join us for CreativeCapital to discuss how promising 2012 will be and hear inspiring VC and Entrepreneurship success stories.
Our guest speakers include Stephen Rockman Founder of Merism Capital & Co-Founder at Hub Venture Labs, Bjoern Lasse Herrmann, a young serial entrepreneur and founder of the Startup Genome and Scott Sage.
This event will be held @ Hospital Club, Forest Room, on Tuesday 24 January, from 7.30pm onwards. Don't forget to RSVP here!
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Stephen Rockman is Founder of MerismCapital. Merism Capital provides seed funding for early stage social businesses: supporting entrepreneurs with equity investments of £50k to £150k for both financial and social returns. Stephen founded Merism in 2010 having discovered social enterprise’s challenges and opportunities whilst mentoring entrepreneurs for NESTA and UnLtd. In 2011 he co-founded Hub Venture Labs, based in Hub Westminster, the first incubator in Europe dedicated to investing in and creating better, more sustainable social entrepreneurs and championing innovation and impact across Europe. Previously Stephen spent twenty years in IT in various commercial roles with global software and services companies before becoming an advisor to and angel investor in start-up web and mobile companies in the UK, Europe and Israel. He is a guest lecturer in social investment at Goldsmiths College, where he also sat on the advisory group for the new MA in Social Entrepreneurship, and holds a number of non-exec roles in early stage companies and continues to mentorentrepreneurs.

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann is the 26 year-old founder of the Startup Genome. One year ago he & his team set out to find a scalable way to accelerate businesses across the world. After releasing two research reports on success & failure of startups that were downloaded 25,000 times he most recently released the first software product that is best described as a virtual mentor for now more than 13,000 software businesses. The published research has been adopted by morethan 50 universities globally - including Stanford and Berkeley. Harvard Business School Professor Thomas Eisenmann called the findings an important contribution. You can try the product at startupcompass.co and learn more about the research at blog.startupcompass.co. Before, Bjoern founded and led 4 for and non profit ventures in Germany, Bangladesh & the US. He also worked as an executive in Russia for one year for a mid sized marketing company. His personal passion or "leitmotif" is: unleashing human potential. His higher purpose is to strive to maximize the capitalization of every single individual.

Scott Sage is an Associate at DFJ Esprit. Scott’s current areas of interest at DFJ Esprit include mobile, consumer and enterprise companies. DFJ Esprit is a leading cross-stage venture capital firm with just under $1 billion under management that invests in European technology companies. The DFJ Esprit partners have invested and helped build many of the most successful venture companies starting in Europe of recent years, including RadiumOne, LOVEFiLM, Apatech, Buy.at, and KVS. Previously, Scott worked in marketing, business development, finance and research roles at Smarkets, BVCA and UBS. He is currently a board observer at Taptu and Redkite and has advised and invested into other consumer internetcompanies in Europe. Scott is one of the co-founders of City Meets Tech where he helps start-ups find the right mentors and seed capital.

12 Nov 2011

CreativeCapital – The Golden Tweet

With its simplicity of communication, Twitter stormed into a highly populated arena and took everything and everyone in its sway. With 50 million active users every day, it has been used as a marketing tool around the world and helped turn around declining business. And this is not all: in 2011 Twitter played a pivotal role in the Arab spring and London riots, with its 140 characters of power.

From Patrick Tresset's tweeting Aikon robot, to Watkins Books' turnaround, and the role of digital media in politics, join us for an evening where our guests will have more than 140 characters to say about their Twitter experiences.
This event will be held @ Hospital Club, Tuesday 22 November, from 7.30pm onwards. Don't forget to RSVP here.
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Patrick Hayes is a political commentator for current affairs magazine spiked, an independent online phenomenon dedicated to raising the horizons of humanity by waging a culture war of words against misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism in all their ancient and modern forms. He also works part-time as head of press and promotions at the think-tank the Institute of Ideas and is a columnist for the Huffington Post and Free Society. He is a producer of the international Battle of Ideas festival, which he helped to establish in 2005. Previously he was head of research and development at TSL Education, publishers of The TES and Times Higher Education. Patrick regularly comments on politics and current affairs for a range of local, national and international media programmes, which have included Newsnight, Sunday Morning Live, BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky News, Russia Today and BBC London.

Etan Ilfeld is a London-based entrepreneur and the owner of Watkins Books, London's oldest spiritual bookshop. He will be talking about the apps Watkins Books is developing. And Hugh Thomas will talk about how Watkins Books has been so successful at building a following community.

Patrick Tresset is currently a researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London. After an interruption of almost seven years in his artistic practice, Tresset has found his medium of expression by diverting his on-going academic research he conducts in collaboration with Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie from the Department of Computing. Their Aikon-II project investigates the sketching activity through computational modelling and robotics.